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Eternity Esports

Eternity Esports is a Moroccan professional esports organization founded in 2018, based in Fortnite with 8 members. It is the Most present & Lead of esports on Fortnite in north africa, willing to lead Valorant as well once we make a new roster, won several championships in filled stadiums such as ALL inwi e-leagues, ESWC africa,, MGE juniors, Atlas Gaming Tourney, Excelo Gaming Zone, Synergy Lan tourney ect, And performed as well in Big online tournaments such as Empire Play Valorant Invitational, MVT by lgaming, Fortnite Arabian invitational world cup, African Esports championship, R6s Mena regional, OFFICIAL fortnite cashcups and a lot of non-official national tournaments. Won 35+ tournaments (13 official tournaments) & performed in all fortnite official competitions with 41,550€ earnings (without counting Valorant & R6s)